Looking to start learning Programming with coding ninjas?

But not sure whether to join the course or not, will it be worth the investment, will the course be really worth the money, will I get placements, how will my doubts get cleared? And the list of many other why and how doubts go on before joining the course.

Worry Not, We all have been through this phase before purchasing a course from coding ninjas. So, In this blog: We will discuss every how's & why's you should know about coding ninjas courses.

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Why am I writing the review?

Students need to know the experiences of their seniors, what they feel about the course, has the course is beneficial for them? So that they can be confident before taking the course and be assured that they are investing in a good place. 

Therefore, I am writing this review to share with you my personal experience with coding ninjas. The difficulties I faced during learning programming and how coding ninjas helped me in overcoming them. So, That you can decide properly “Is coding ninjas are worth your time and money or not”, And “Whether you should go for coding ninjas courses or not?” 

Which courses I did from coding ninjas?

  1. I started doing courses from coding ninjas when I was at std 11. I started from Data Structures with C++, which was taught by Ankush Sir & Nidhi Mam.
  2. Then I joined an Internship as a Teaching Assistant on Coding Ninjas. And I was paid 30K for working 4 months, giving 2hr/daily. This way, I got my money back, which I paid for doing DSA Course.
  3. Later I had my interest in Competitive Programming, so I did CP after doing DSA.
  4. Then I did Full Stack Web Development Course for doing projects and did some awesome projects during technologies like JavaScript, Node JS, React etc.
  5. Then I did Aptitude Preparation Course from coding ninjas, as I felt I was not good at aptitudes, and I need to strengthen it to clear placement tests in future.
  6. And Finally, Now I am doing Premium Data Science & Machine Learning Course from coding ninjas itself.

Issues with other sources / platforms:

learning from coding ninjas vs others

Before learning from coding ninjas, I tried learning programming for free from different sources. But each source has its own problems mentioned below:

  1. Books: Reading and Understanding Programming is not as easy as said.
    You will have Issues with decoding and understand; programming is not a thing to understand with books; you need an instructor who will guide you and rectify your mistake; that's how programming is meant to be learnt.
  2. Youtube: There are many issues with youtube; some of them are:
    • Lots of options to choose from: When you search for programming on youtube, you will get many playlists to follow. And it isn't very clear to decide which channel/playlist to follow.
    • No Doubt Support: It starts getting difficult when you get stuck on any problem or have difficulty in understanding any topic. And you can proceed further without solving that doubt.
    • No option to write code: On Youtube, you can only watch videos. You can't write or practice code. And without writing, how can you learn programming? Just by watching the video?
  3. College Lectures: Sorry for the joke, If college lectures were enough, you didn't have been looking for online courses. 😛

Why I did courses from coding ninjas? What did I like in coding ninjas?

structures content and practicing codes in coding ninjas
doubt support in coding ninjas

So, as you can understand from the above-mentioned difficulties, It got very difficult to learn from free resources. Therefore I decided to switch to the paid course provided by coding ninjas.

And It solved all the difficulties I was facing earlier and made my learning experience so much smoother.

What I liked in coding ninjas were: 

  1. Structured Content: The course is well structured, and further lectures keep on unlocking as you progress.
  2. Doubt Support: This is the best feature of coding ninjas. Whenever you get stuck or have any doubt, regardless of how silly or small the doubt is, you can always raise doubt and ask for help. And a Teaching Assistant will be there to help you out using chat or audio/video calls if required.
  3. A lot of problems to practice: Apart from pre-recorded video lectures, They also provide many problems to practice and try out hands writing real code on the same platform. We are provided with assignments to practice after each theory lecture.
  4. Deadlines: Each lecture comes with a deadline. That keeps you going, and you don't procrastinate the tasks for tomorrow.
  5. Placement Support: After completing the course, Coding ninjas also provides job opportunities. And also provides an internship for doing a job as a Teaching Assistant and help students with their doubts.
  6. Experienced Faculties: The teachers are industry experienced, who had earlier worked with companies like Facebook, Amazon etc. Also, the teaching style is excellent and interactive.

So, Is it worth the money?

For me, It was totally worth the money I paid for. It was totally a win-win situation, no regrets about the money I gave as I received many benefits from doing the course.

It totally changed the way I think about online courses, And I liked coding ninjas courses so much that I kept on doing coding ninjas courses, and now I completed all the courses provided by coding ninjas in 4 years.

If you ask my review: I totally love Coding Ninjas, and I highly recommend doing their courses. Haven't I loved their courses? I won't have enrolled on all their courses. These courses are proof of how much I am impressed by coding ninjas courses.

As far as money is concerned, You will get 20-30 times more than this much money after getting placed. But for getting placed in a good company, You must have good skills, which can be learned now by investing some money. Think about this as a long term investment in yourself.

Why are people afraid of getting enrolled in courses?

People fear taking the initial step because they find the course price very high, but they don't realize how much time, energy, and effort they save by taking just a step. They get everything they need to learn programming all in one place.

You can understand the benefit via an example of the difference in car vs bicycle experience.

Suppose you want to travel a distance of 100 km. You have two options either to travel by bicycle or car. With a car, you can cover the distance very much faster than on a bicycle. You will have to put your energy in pending the bicycle, but you have to sit comfortably with AC on inside the car in the car.

Similar is the case when you take a course vs try to learn for free yourself. You will waste a lot of time and energy trying to learn everything yourself without guidance. I am not telling you, you can't learn programming yourself. I am telling you that you can save unnecessary stuff and focus on the main stuff directly. And as a car needs petrol, the course also needs some money to purchase.

What are the things I achieved after doing the course from coding ninjas?

codechef contest
  1. Internship with coding ninjas: I was able to solve students doubts and debug their codes. And I also earned money from this.
  2. Improvement in competitive programming:  I was able to solve more problems during the contest. Earlier I was only able to solve the first 1 or 2 problems. But after doing the course, I was able to solve 5-6 problems.
  3. Selection In ZCO: ZCO is similar to ICPC, Where any Indian school student can participate. And I was to crack this contest and proceed to further steps to select the team for International Olympiads In Informatics.
  4. Set a problem for the CodeChef contest: I got an opportunity to set a problem for a contest held on the CodeChef platform.
  5. Job Opportunities: I got many job opportunities to which I can apply directly from the coding ninjas' website. Many people doubt where they will really get placements or not. But I have tried it and did get a call for an interview.

How was I able to purchases all the courses? They are very costly.

I totall